Whyte, Alexander Bible Characters – Old and New Testament Various
Higgs, Liz Curtis Bad Girls of the Bible Various
Price, Eugenia God Speaks to Women Today Various
Swindoll, Charles Great Stories from Old Testament Lives Various
Swindoll, Charles Memorable Scenes from Old Test. Homes Various
Swindoll, Charles Old Testament Characters   2 copies Various
Various Profiles: Men and Women of the Bible Various
Lessing, Erich The Story of Noah Noah
Swindoll, Charles Abraham – The Friend of God Abraham
Swindoll, Charles
Abraham – A Model of Pioneer Faith
Sanford, John A. The Man Who Wrestled With God Jacob
Jeremiah, David God Meant It for Good   Vols. 1 &2 Joseph
Swindoll, Charles Joseph: from Pit to Pinnacle Joseph
Swindoll, Charles Moses: God’s Man for a Crisis Moses
Various (Yancey, et al.) Destiny and Deliverance:The Prince of Egypt Moses
Swindoll, Charles Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility Elijah
Swindoll, Charles Esther: a Model of Pioneer Independence Esther
Peterson, Eugene H. Leap over a Wall: Reflections/Life of David David
Jeremiah, David When Wisdom Turns to Foolishness Solomon
Jeremiah, David The Handwriting on the Wall Daniel
Brouwer, Sigmund

Oursler, Fulton

The Carpenter’s Cloth

The Greatest Story Ever Told



Wirt, Sherwood Eliot
Barclay, William
Briscoe, Jill
Jesus, Man of Joy
The Mind of St. Paul
By Hook or by Crook