Aylward, Gladys

Barker, Frank Jr.

Barnhouse, Donald G

Beamer, Todd

Bishop, Ron

Bonhoeffer, Diet.


Swift, Catherine

Buck, Janie &MLDavis

Barnhouse, MargaretN

Beamer, Lisa

Bishop, Ron

Metaxes, Eric


Gladys Aylward

Flight Path

That Man Barnhouse

Let’s Roll

A Winning Legacy


Brees, Drew Brees, Drew Coming Back Stronger, Memoir
Bryant, Anita Bryant, Anita A New Day
Buechner, Frederick Buechner, Frederick Now and Then
Buechner, Frederick McCoy, Marjorie C. Frederick Buechner
Carmichael, Amy

Carmichael, Amy

Elliot, Elisabeth

Wellman, Sam

A Chance to Die

Amy Carmichael: Selfless Servant of India

Carter, Jimmy Jimmy Carter Christmas in Plains   (Memoir)
Carter, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy & Rosalynn Everything to Gain
Carter, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Sources of Strength
Carter, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Turning Point
Certain, Robert G.

Chapman, Mary Beth

Chapman, Steven C

Clairmont, Patsy

Comfort, Ray

Certain, Robert G.

Chapman, Mary Beth

Chapman, Steven C

Clairmont, Patsy

Comfort, Ray

Unchained Eagle

Choosing to See


I Grew Up Little

Out of the Comfort Zone

Corbin, Norman Adkins, Mike A Man Called Norman
Einstein, Albert Clark, Ronald W. Einstein: The Life and Times
Ford, Sandy Ford, Leighton Sandy
Frank, Anne Frank, Otto The Diary of a Young Girl    2 copies
Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Gloria Because He Lives
Graham, Billy Graham, Billy Just As I Am    3 copies
Graham, Billy Polluck, John The Billy Graham Story
Graham, Franklin Graham, Franklin Rebel With A Cause: Franklin Graham
Graham, Jimmy & Sophie Fortosis, Stephen & Mary Boxers to Bandits
Hancock,Eliz. E

Hansel, Tim

Hancock, Eliz. E

Hansel, Tim

Tresspassers Will Be Baptized

You Gotta Keep Dancin’

Haukka, Hannu Haukka, Hannu Only Believe
Hughes,Patrick Henry

Husband, Rick

Irivuzumugabe, Eric

Hughes, Patrick Henry

Husband, Evelyn

Irivuzumugabe, Eric


I Am Potential

High Calling

My Father, Maker of the Trees  (Rwanda)

Jones, Howard Jones, Howard w/Gilbreath Gospel Trailblazer: Autobio of Howard Jones
Kennedy, D. James Williams, Herbert Lee D. James Kennedy: The Man and his Ministry
Kennedy, Robert Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. Robert Kennedy and His Times
Lincoln, Abraham Eliot, Alexander Abraham Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography
Lincoln, Abraham Kunhardt, Jr., Phillip Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography
Livingstone, David

MacDonald, George

Wellman, Sam

Phillips, Michael

David Livingstone:from Africa to Eternity

George MacDonald

Marshall, Catherine
Martin, Joe
Mason, Martha
Marshall, Catherine
Martin, Joe
Mason, Martha
Beyond Ourselves
On Any Given Day
McCartney, Bill
Mitchell, R. B.
McCartney, Bill
Mitchell, R. B.
From Ashes to Glory
Castaway Kid
Moody, D. L. Harvey, Bonnie D.L. Moody – American Evangelist
Moody, D. L. Moody, D. L. The D. L. Moody Collection
Moon, Lottie Butler, Cathy Lottie Moon
Moon, Lottie Lawrence, Una Roberts Lottie Moon     2 copies–handle with care
Morris, Harold Morris, Harold Twice Pardoned
Moses, Jan

Muller, George

Muller, George

Moses, Mark

Muller, George

Pierson, A.T.

Uncommon Faith, An     (cancer journey)

Autobiography of George Muller

George Muller of Bristol

Oher, Michael Oher, Michael I Beat the Odds
Pierce, Bob Graham, Franklin Bob Pierce:This OneThing I Do
Powell, Colin

Qureshi, Nabeel

Persico,Joseph E

Qureshi, Nabeel

Colin Powell

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Rice, Helen Steiner Rice, Helen Steiner In the Vineyard of the Lord
Saint, Nate Hitt, Russell Jungle Pilot
Schaeffer, Edith

Scott, Rachel


Smith, Ashley

Schaeffer, Edith

Nimmo, Beth &D Scott

Shoemaker, Jane

Smith, Ashley

Forever Music

Rachel’s Tears

Joel’s Journey

Unlikely Angel

Sobiech, Zac

Story, Laura


Sobiech, Laura

Story, Laura

Murray, Iain

Fly a Little Higher

When God Doesn’t Fix It

Forgotten Spurgeon

Tada, Joni E. Tada, Joni Eareckson A Step Further
Tada, Joni E. Tada, Joni Eareckson Choices, Changes
Tada, Joni E. Tada, Joni Eareckson The God I Love, A Memoir
Tada, Joni E. Tada, Joni Eareckson Joni
Ten Boom, Corrie

Ten Boom, Corrie

Wellman, Sam

Ten Boom, Corrie

CorrieTenBoom:World War II Heroine

The Hiding Place

Ten Boom, Corrie Ten Boom, Corrie In My Father’s House     2 copies
Ten Boom, Corrie Ten Boom, Corrie Tramp for the Lord      2 copies
Teresa, Mother Vardley, Lucinda Mother Teresa: A Simple Path
Thomas, M. A. Ross, Nina P. God Will Provide
West, Marion Bond West, Marion Bond Praying for My Life
Wilson, Grady

Wurmbrand, Rd.

Wilson, Grady

Wurmbrand, Rd.

Count It All Joy

Tortured for Christ

Wiersbe, Warren W
50 PeopleEveryChristian Should Know