The Bill Bost Memorial Library

Welcome to the Bill Bost Memorial Library! The library is located in the main corridor of the church, right next to the church offices. The library is open whenever the church is open. It operates on the honor system: you check out a book by filling out the book card with your name and the date, and then you return the book as soon as you are done with it. We ask that children be supervised in the library.

The mission of the Bill Bost Memorial Library is to provide books and material to our congregation which advance learning about God and His Word, stimulate interest in the missions of spreading the Gospel and caring for others, encourage living and growing as Christians, and provide good reading materials for all ages.


Who is Bill Bost? Why is the library named for him?

Mr. Bost was a charter member of First Baptist Church of Pinehurst and was active in many ways. He served on the first Board of Deacons, he was the first Sunday School Director and taught Sunday School, and he was on the first By-Laws Committee that established the organizational structure of the church.

After his death on April 16, 2006, his family chose to honor his memory and his love of books by establishing a library for the new church building. Thus we have the Bill Bost Memorial Library at the First Baptist Church of Pinehurst.

The published lists of our books are in a notebook which is on the desk in the library.The list is in sections according to the way the books are shelved.  Here is more information about the lists.

Fiction: Listed and shelved by author’s last name.

Non-Fiction: Only this section is cross-referenced. There is a list by author’s last name (this is how they are shelved), another list by title, and a third list by category.

Biography: Listed and shelved by the last name of the person the book is about.

Youth: Listed and shelved by author’s last name, fiction separate from non-fiction.

Children: Bible-based books only are listed and shelved by author’s last name. We have quite a few ‘just for fun’ books that are not cataloged.

Reference: This is a small group of books since they are not to be checked out. They should be used in the church building. One would use these books to learn more about portion of Scripture.

Commentaries: Listed and shelved in Bible order, O.T. separate from N.T.

Study Helps: Listed and shelved by author’s last name. Many interesting and helpful items for teachers, parents, anyone studying the Bible.

Bible People: Books written about people in the Bible, shelved in Bible order, with books about multiple people at the beginning.

Media: Includes DVDs and a few CDs.