What can I expect?

When you arrive on our campus, you will be greeted by folks who are glad you are here! Our services last about 60-70 minutes each week with uplifting music and a challenging message from Pastor Chuck or one of the pastors.

What should I wear?

We believe that God is more concerned with what is in your heart than how you are dressed so we aren't hung up on what people wear to church! When you come to a worship service, you will see people in jeans and t-shirts and some in coats and ties and everything in between. Come as you are!

What are the services like?

We have two services each week the first at 8:30 AM and the second at 11 AM. The 8:30 service features modern worship music.The 11 AM service features a blend of hymns and modern worship songs. The message is the same in each service.

What is there for my children?

In both services there is a children's time during the service. After children's time in the 8:30 service only, the children ages K through 5th grade can go to children's worship with Pastor Steven. At the 11 AM service, the children return to sit with their parents for the remainder of the service.

How do I plan a visit?

Click on the green circle at the bottom of this page to plan a visit or simply text WELCOME to 910-541-8867! While it's not required, we'd love to know you're coming so we can be sure to look for you when you get here!