Non-Fiction by Title

Colson, Charles Against the Night (book & SG) Chr Life
Ross, Nina All God’s Children are Orphans and Lepers Missions
Buechner, Frederick Alphabet of Grace, The D & M Medit
Shetler, Joanne And the Word Came with Power Missions
Graham, BillyJeremiah, David AngelsAngels HeavenChristian Life
Guideposts Angels Among Us Inspiration
Guideposts Answered Prayers Prayer
Graham, Billy Answers to Life’s Problems Faith
Graham, Billy Approaching Hoofbeats Prophecy
Walvoord, John ArmageddonOil&MiddleEast Crisis Prophecy
Kelley Jr., Charles  et al. Baptist Faith and Message, The Church Life
Cook, Jane H etc Battlefields & Blessings D & M Devo
Meyer, Joyce Be Anxious for Nothing Faith
George, Elizabeth Beautiful in God’s Eyes Christian Life
Davidson, Alice Joyce Because I Love You Inspiration
Rosemond, JohnLucado, Max Because I Said SoBecause of Bethlehem FamilyChristmas
Purnell, DickBeltz, Bob Becoming a Friend and LoverBecoming a Man of the Word FamilyChristian Life Men
Moore, Beth Believing God Faith
Clairmont, PatsyTozer, A. W. Best Devotions of Patsy Clairmont,Best of A. W. Tozer, The D & MTheology Devo
Reader’s Digest Bible Through the Ages, The History
Colson, Charles Body, The Missions
Allender, Dan B. Bold Love Chr Life
Anderson, Neil Bondage Breaker, The Counseling
Wirt, Sherwood Eliot Book of Joy, The Inspiration
Johnson, Barbara Boomerang Joy D & M Devo
Wiseman, Betty Bounce the Balls & They Will Come Missions
Smalley, Gary & Greg Bound by Honor Family
Cloud, Dr. HenryCloud, Dr. Henry BoundariesBoundaries in Marriage Christian LifeFamily Marriage
Downer, Phil Brave, Strong and Tender Inspiration men
Moore, Beth Breaking Free Chr Life
Moore, Beth Breaking Free Day by Day D & M Devo
Butler, Cathy Breaking the Cycle Missions
Holton, Chuck Bullet Proof Chr. Life
Colson, Charles Burden of Truth Theology
Hancock, ErnestHession, Roy Called to the Deeper LifeThe Calvary Road/Be Filled Now FaithChristian Life
MacArthur, John Can God Bless America? Inspiration
Jeremiah, David Captured by Grace Grace
Strobel, LeeStrobel, Lee

Strobel, Lee

Strobel, Lee

Lucado, Max

Case for Christ, TheCase for the REAL Jesus, The

Case for Faith, The

Case for Christmas, The

Cast of Characters


Chr. Life


Christian Life

Foster, Richard Celebration of Discipline Chr Life
Canfield, et al. Ch. Soup for the Soul 3rd serving LG Print Inspiration 2 cop.
Graham, Billy Challenge, The:Sermons fr Mad. Sq Garden Faith
McCain, John Character is Destiny Inspiration
Bolding, Amy Cheerful Devotions to Give D & M Devo
Dobson, James Christ in Christmas:A Family Advent Celebration Holiday Chr
Groeschel, CraigGuthrie, Shirley Christian Atheist, TheChristian Doctrine Christian LifeTheology
Schaeffer, Francis Christian Manifesto, A Faith
Graham, Billy Christian Worker’s Handbook Counseling
Hanegraaff, Hank Christianity in Crisis Faith
Smith, Hannah Whiteall Christian’s Secret of the Happy Life, Inspiration
Rice, Helen Steiner Christmas Blessings Holiday Chr
Rinne, JeramieCymbala, Jim Church EldersChurch God Blesses, The Christian LifeChurch Life
Graham, Billy Collected Works of Billy Graham,The Inspiration
Swindoll, CharlesLucado, Max Come Before WinterCome Thirsty D & MChr. Life Medit
GuidepostsBurkett, Larry Comfort from BeyondComing Economic Earthquake, The InspirationStewrdship Hope
Dobson, JamesWright, H. Norman Coming HomeCommunication: Key to your Marriage FamilyChr. Life
Dobson, James Complete Marriage & Family Home Ref. Guide Family
Ramsey, DaveJosephus

Stanley, Charles

Horton, Michael

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich

Platt, David

Complete Guide to MoneyComplete Works of Josephus, The

Confronting Casual Christianity/ S.G.

Core Christianity

The Cost of Discipleship

Counter Culture


Chr Life


Christian Life

Christian Life

Johnston, JonWilson, Clifford&Barbara

DeYoung, Kevin

Chan, Francis

CourageCrash Goes Darwin

Crazy Busy

Crazy Love

Chr LifeTheology

Chr. Life

Chr Life

Schaller, Lyle E. Create Your Own Future(long range planning) Church Life
Blackaby, Henry T. Created to Be God’s Friend Inspiration
Austin, Dr. BillWhelchel, Lisa Creating Our Safe Placeative Correction (discipline) CounselingFamily
Ingram, ChipLucado, Max Cullture ChockCure for the Common Life Chr. LifeInspiration
Lotz, Anne Graham Daniel Prayer, The Prayer
Hobe, Phyllis Dawnings Inspiration
Huckabee, MikeGraham, Billy Dear Chandler, Dear ScarlettDeath and the Life After Chr LifeDeath
Virkler, Mark Dialogue with God Prayer
Shirer, Priscilla Discerning the Voice of God Chr Life
Hughes, R KentHughes, Barbara Disciplines of a Godly ManDisciplines of a Godly Woman Christian LifeChr Life MenWomen
Jeremiah, David Discover Paradise: Guidebook to Heaven Heaven
Thomas, Angela Do You Think I’m Beautiful? Christian Life
Vestal, Daniel Doctrine of Creation, The Baptist/Ch
Hunt, T. W. Doctrine of Prayer, The Prayer
Edgemon, Roy T Doctrines Baptists Believe Church Life
Piper, John Don’t Waste Your Life Christian Life
Doyle, TomHurnard, Hannah Dreams and VisionsEagles’ Wings to the Higher Places MissionsInspiration
Ideals Easter Collection Holiday Easter
Drummond, LewisHemphill, Ken Eight Keys to Biblical RevivalEmpowering Kingdom Growth HistoryFaith
Stanley, Andy Enemies of the Heart Christian Life
Ten Boom, Corrie End Battle, The/This Day Is the Lord’s Chr Life
Sanders, J. OswaldPalms, Roger C. Enjoying Intimacy with GodEnjoying the Closeness of God Christian LifeInspiration
Stanley, Charles Enter His Gates D & M Devo
Jeremiah, David Escape the Coming Night Prophecy
Stowell, Joseph M. Eternity Inspiration
Curtis, Eastman Every Day I Pray for my Teenager Prayer
Byrne, Robert& F Skelton Every Day is Father’s Day Family
Schaeffer, Francis & EdithOrtberg. John Everybody Can KnowEverybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them ExpositionChristian Life
Murray, Andrew Everyday Guide to Prayer, The Prayer
Becton, Randy Everyday Strength:Cancer Patient’s Guide D & M Devo
Graham, Mary LouBlackaby, Henry&Norm’n Expecting JoyExperiencing Prayer with Jesus D & MPrayer Family
Walsh, Sheila Extraordinary Faith Faith
Various Extravagant Grace Grace
Hart, Benjamin Faith and Freedom, Chr. Roots of Am Liberty Faith
Pingry, PatriciaA, ed.Owen, Ken Faith in America (Ideals Treasury)Faith in the Fast Lane HistoryChristian Life
Chapman, Morris H. Faith: Taking God at his Word Faith
Griffin, William Faithful Christian,The: Anthology/Billy Graham Chr Life
Evans, James L. Family Devotions the Advent Season Holiday Chr
Blackaby, Tom & Kim The Family God Uses Family
Grant, George Family Under Siege, The Family
Welch, BobEldredge, John Father for All Seasons, AFathered by God FamilyChristian Life Men
Wolgemuth, RobertLucado, MaxShirer, Priscilla

Wyns, Dr. Peter D.

Lucado, Max

Fathers of the BibleFearlessFerVent

Fighting Death

A Gentle Thunder

D & MChr. LifePrayer


Chr. Life

Hagee, John Final Dawn Over Jerusalem Prophecy
Montgomery, Dan Finding Your Way Counseling
Swindoll, Charles Finishing Touch, The D & M Devo
Marshall, Peter First Easter, The /Jesus Loved Them Holiday Easter
Covey, StephenChapman, Gary First Things FirstThe Five [5] Love Languages StewrdshpFamily
Sprinkle, Randy Follow Me:lessons for becoming a Prayer walker Prayer
Smedes, Lewis B.Chan, FrancisHerring, Ethel

Lewis, C. S.

Forgive and ForgetForgotten GodFort Caswell in War and Peace

Four Loves, The

Chr LifeChristian LifeHistory

Christian Life

Cymbala, Jim Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Christian Life Holy Spirit
Tada, Joni Eareckson Friendship Unlimited Inspiration
Groom, Nancy From Bondage to Bonding Counseling
Copeland, Kenneth Gloria From Faith to Faith D & M Devo
Gulley, Philip Front Porch Tales Inspiration
Sanderson, John W. Fruit of the Spirit Faith
Christenson, Evelyn Gaining Through Losing Faith
Aldrich, Joseph C.Moore, Beth Gentle PersuasionGet Out of That Pit MissionsChr Life
Briscoe, D. Stuart Getting Into God Chr Life
Hudson, Sophie Giddy Up, Eunice Chr. Life
Dillow, Linda Gift Wrapped by God Family
Adams, Harry Glimpse of Heaven, A Heaven
Gibbs, Terri compiler & editor Glory of Christmas, The Holiday Chr
Hayford, Jack Glory On Your House Faith
Eidsmoe, John God & Caesar Faith
Lucado, Max God Came Near D & M Meditation
Tenney, Tommy God Chasers, The Chr Life
Tenney, Tommy God Catchers, The Chr. Life
Mitchell, Curtis God in the Garden/Graham’s 1st crusade Missions
Laurie, GregSeed, Hal& Grider,D God of the Second Chance, TheGod Questions, The InspirationTheology
Schaeffer, Francis God Who Is There, The   vol. 1 Exposition
Fitzpatrick, James K. God, Country, & the Supreme Court Chr Life
Helleberg, Marilyn M. God’s Best for You Faith
Cymbala, Jim God’s Grace From Ground Zero Grace
Elliot, Elisabeth God’s Guidance: A Slow and Certain Light Chr Life
VariousThomas Nelson, pub God’s Little Devotional Book for MomsGod’s Promises for Your Every Need D & MChr Life
Murray, Andrew God’s Promises: Our Benefits Faith
Millard, Catherine God’s Signature over the Nation’s Capital History
Miller, Kathy C.Idleman, KyleGiglio, Louie God’s Vitamin C for the SpiritGods at War (idolatry)Goliath Must Fall InspirationChristian LifeChristian Life
Garcia-Prats, Catherine& Jos. Good Families Don’t Just Happen Family
Colson, Charles Good Life, The Chr Life
Bissett, TomMikalatos, Matt Good News About ProdigalsGood News for a Change FamilyMissions
Ford, LeightonBuksbazen, Victor Good News is for SharingGospel in the Feasts of Israel, The InspirationTheology
Swindoll, CharlesGoodrich, Donna Grace AwakeningGrandmother, Mother & Me GraceInspiration
Laurie, Greg Great Compromise, The Chr Life
Cymbala, JimLewis, C. S.Lewis, C. S. Greatest Discovery, TheGreat Divorce, TheGrief Observed, A InspirationTheologyChr Life
Swindoll, Charles Growing Deep in the Christian Life Theology
Roper, David Growing Slowly Wise Wisdom
Swindoll, Charles Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life D & M Devo
Nappa, Mike Growing Up Fatherless Family
Swindoll, Charles Growing Up in God’s Family Family
Swindoll, Charles Growing Wise in Family Life Family
Guideposts Guidepost’s Christmas Treasury Holiday Chr
Hobe, Phyllis Guidepost’s Handbook of Prayer Prayer
Bruce, F. F. Hard Sayings of Jesus, The Exposition
Weaver, Joanna Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Chr Life
Ten Boom, Corrie He Cares for You/Not Good If Detached Christian Life
Lucado, Max He Chose the Nails Christian Life
Benson, BobLucado, Max He Speaks Softly     Large PrintHe Still Moves Stones Chr LifeInspiration
Seamands, David A. Healing for Damaged Emotions Counseling
Cherry, Reginald, M. D. Healing Prayer Prayer
Moore, Beth Heart Like His, A D & M Medit
Weber, Stu Heart of a Tender Warrior, The Inspiration
Ogilvie, Lloyd John Heart of God, The D & M Devo
Gaither, Gloria Heaven Heaven
Hendricks, Howard G. Heaven Help the Home Family
Burpo, Todd Heaven is for Real Heaven
Burpo, Todd Heaven is for Real    Large Print Heaven
Tada, Joni Eareckson Heaven, Your Real Home Heaven LG PRINT
Lotz, Anne Graham Heaven: My Father’s House Heaven
Smalley, Gary Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage Family Marriag
Buson, Ray & Hunsicker Hidden Price of Greatness, The Inspiration
Dobson, JamesWetmore, William Hide or SeekHim We Proclaim FamilyMissions
Hurnard, Hannah Hinds’ Feet on High Places D & M Devo
Hurnard, Hannah Hinds’ Feet on High Places    (allegory) Christian Life
Guideposts His Mysterious Ways Inspiration
Holmes, MarjorieStearns, Richard Hold Me Up a Little Longer, LordHole in Our Gospel, The PrayeMissions
Tada, Joni Eareckson Holiness in Hidden Places Inspiration
Sproul, R. C. Holiness of God, The Exposition
Gregory, Joel C. Homesick for God Inspiration
Hybels, Bill Honest to God Christian Life
Graham, Billy Hope for the Troubled Heart Inspiration
Yates, JohnHolmes, Marjorie How a Man Prays for his FamilyHow Can I Find You, God? PrayerInspiration
Hunt, Dave How Close Are We? Prophecy
Schaeffer, Francis How Should We Then Live? Christian Life
Shea, George Beverly How Sweet the Sound Inspiration
Bly, Stephen A.Graham, BillyFrizzell, Gregory R How to Be a Good DadHow to Be Born AgainHow toDevelopPowerful Prayer Life FamilyInspirationPrayer
Stanley, Charles How to Handle Adversity Inspiration
Carroll, Joseph S.Sharp, AaronFeaker, Barry F. How to Worship Jesus ChristI Didn’t Sign Up for ThisIn Darkness, a Light Still Shines Christian LifeChristian LifeMissions
Rainer, Thom S.Bender, Doug& SterrAnderson, Lee I Am a Church MemberI Am SecondI Looked Over Jordan Christian LifeChristian LifeProphecy
Davey, Stephen I Pledge Allegiance Christian Life
Lotz, Anne GrahamRainer, Thom S I Saw the LordI Will InspirationChristian Life
Falwell, Jerry If I Should Die Before I Wake… Missions
Sproul, R. C. If There’s a God, Why are There Atheists? Theology
Swindoll, CharlesBriscoe, Stuart & Jill Improving Your Serve   & S. G.Improving with Age InspirationChr. Life
Sheard, Jim  & W Armstrong In His Grip: Foundations for Life and Golf D & M golf
Schaeffer, Dan In Search of the Real Spirit of Christmas Holiday Chr
Vestal, Daniel In the Beginning Baptist/Church
Lucado, Max In the Grip of Grace Grace
Rogers, Dale Evans In the hands of the Potter Faith
Burnham, Gracia In the Presence of My Enemies Missions
Funk, B. J. In This Very Hour D & M Family Devo
Adams, LaneRipken, Nik Incredible Patience of God, TheInsanity of God, The InspirationChristian Life Missions
Crabb, Larry Inside Out Counseling
Insights for Living Insights Bible Companion for Women vol.3 Christian Life
Holmes, Marjorie Inspirational Writings of Marjorie Holmes Inspiration
Metts, Wallis C. Inspirations for Daily Living Inspiration
Hatmaker, JenKroll, WoodrowEbersole, Russ & Nancy InterruptedInterview with God, AnInterwoven Chr. LifeChristian LifeMissions
Gire, Ken Intimate Moments with the Savior D & M Medit
Copeland, Lynn Into the Den of Infidels Theology
Goldman, DavidHouse,H. Wayne,ed.Littauer, Florence Islam and the BibleIsrael, the Land and the PeopleIt TakesSoLittle to be Above Average MissionsTheologyChr. Life
Holmes, Marjorie I’ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God Inspiration
Hagee, John Jerusalem Countdown Prophecy
Keith, Kent M.Limbaugh, David Jesus Did It AnywayJesus On Trial InspirationTheology
Moore, Beth Jesus, the One and Only Inspiration
Bright, BillChristenson, Evelyn Journey Home, The: Finishing with JoyJourney into Prayer Christian LifePrayer Death
Lotz, Anne Graham Just Give Me Jesus Inspiration
Lucado, MaxVarious Just Like JesusJustification by Faith Alone InspirationTheology
Clairmont, Patsy Kaleidoscope Inspiration
MacDonald, Gail Keep Climbing Inspiration
Wilson, T. W. Key to Lasting Joy, The Inspiration
Graham, Billy Key to Personal Peace, The Faith
Campolo, TonyMartin, WalterDavis, Katie Kingdom of God is a Party, TheKingdom of the Cults, TheKisses from Katie InspirationTheologyMissions
Little, Paul E.Little, Paul E.Packer, J. I. Know WHAT You BelieveKnow WHY You BelieveKnowing God TheologyTheologyTheology
Jones, Debby&J Kendall Lady in Waiting:Develop….Relationships Christian Life
Jakes, T. D. Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, The Inspiration
Borg, Marcus J. &Swindoll, Charles Last Week, TheLaugh Again HolidayInspiration Easter
Keller, W. PhillipBlanchard, Ken & H Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer, ALead Like Jesus PrayerChristian Life
Clark, Linda, compiler Leadership Essentials for Women Christian Life Ch/Leader
Guideposts Led to Believe: Insp. Words from Billy Graham Inspiration
Graham, Ruth Bell Legacy of a Pack Rat Inspiration
Tirabassi, BeckyEvans, Tony Let Faith Change Your LifeLet’s Get to Know Each Other FaithWorship
O’Connor, Nancy Letting Go with Love Counseling
Ham, KenDeMoss, Nancy LDeMoss, Nancy L The Lie: EvolutionLies Women BelieveLies Women Believe TheologyChristian LifeD & M WomenDevo
Wilkinson, Bruce Life God Rewards, A Inspiration
Walsh, Sheila Life’s Tough But God is Faithful Faith
Fromke, DeVern Life’s Ultimate Privilege Christian Life
Marshall, Peter &DavidManuel Light and the Glory, The History Theol
Barbour Publishing Light for My Path Inspiration
Marshall, Catherine Light in M Darkest Night Christian Life
Kinkade, Thomas Lightposts for Living Inspiration
Batchelor, MaryBevere, Lisa Lion Christmas Book, TheLioness Arising HolidayChr. Life Christmas
Reardon, Ruth Listening to a Teenager  (poetry) Family
Dukes, Jason C. Live Sent: You Are a Letter Christian Life
Swindoll, Charles Living Above the Level of Mediocrity & SG Christian Life
Eastman,Dick&JckHayford Living and Praying in Jesus’ Name Prayer
Swindoll, Charles Living Beyond the Daily Grind D & M Medit
Swindoll, Charles Living Beyond the Ragged Edge D & M Medit
Hobe, Phyllis Living Boldly Inspiration
Hendricks,Howard G Living By The Book Bible Helps
Graham, Franklin Living Beyond the Limits Chr. Life
Anderson, Neil Living Free in Christ Theology
Murray, AndrewJohnson, Barbara Living the New LifeLiv’g Smwhr Betw Estrogen & Death Christian LifeChristian Life
Eastman, Dick Look What God Is Doing! Missions
Christenson, Evelyn “Lord, Change Me!” Prayer
Arthur, KayMorgan, RobertStetzer, Ed Lord, I Need Grace to Make ItLord Is My Shepherd, TheLost and Found GraceTheologyMissions
Dobson, James Love for a Lifetime Family
Perry, Michele Love Has a Face Missions
Kendrick, Stephen&Dobson, JamesLucado, Max Love Dare, TheLove Must Be ToughLove Worth Giving, A Chr. LifeFamilyChristian Life Marriage
Newman, Deborah Loving Your Body Counseling
Lewis, C. S. Made for Heaven Inspiration
Begg, Alistair Made for His Pleasure Faith
Buechner, Frederick Magnificent Defeat, The D & M Medit
Faulkner, Dr. Paul Making Things Right Christian Life
Morley, Patrick Man in the Mirror, The Christian Life
Crabb Jr., Lawrence J. Marriage Builder, The Family Couns
Evans, Jimmy/Karen Marriage on the Rock Family Marriage
Dobson, James Marriage Under Fire Family Marriage
Henson, Robert E. Marvelous Mercy Grace
Willis Jr., Avery T. Master Life Inspiration
Cole, Edwin L. Maximized Manhood Family morals
Getz, Gene Measure of a Man Christian Life
Marshall, CatherineLewis, C. S.Lewis, C. S.

Barrick, Linda

Meeting God at Every TurnMere ChristianityMiracles

Miracle for Jen

Christian LifeTheologyChristian Life


Robertson,PatHersh, Sharon A. Miracles Can Be Yours Today“Mom, I Feel Fat!” (eating disorder) FaithChristian Life
Chadwick, DavidRainey, D. and B. Moments of HopeMoments Together for Couples InspirationFamily Marriag
Hayford, Jack Moments With Majesty D & M Medit
Arterburn, Stephen More Jesus, Less Religion Faith
Christiansen, JanMcDowell, Josh More of Him, Less of MeMore Than a Carpenter InspirationTheology
Hurnard, Hannah Mountains of Spices Inspiration
Elliot, Elisabeth Music of His Promises, The Inspiration
Calvary Chapel ChurChambers, Oswald My God StoryMy Utmost for His Highest InspirationD & M Devo
Swindoll, Charles Mystery of God’s Will Faith
Graham, FranklinAstoria, Dorothy

Niebuhr, Reinhold

Jeremiah, David

The NameName Book, The

Nature and Destiny of Man, The/2vol

Never Thought I’d See the Day



Christian Life

Dobson, James New Dare to Discipline, The Family
Lyons, Gabe Next Christians, The Christian Life
Piper, Don Ninety Minutes in Heaven Heaven
Lucado, Max No Wonder They Call Him the Savior D & M Medit
Idleman, KyleJeffress, Dr. Robert

Ten Boom, Corrie

Not a FanNot All Roads Lead to Heaven

Not I, But Christ

Chr. LifeTheology

Christian Life

Burroughs, Dillon&CPowell Not in My Town Missions
MacArthur, John F. Nothing But the Truth Missions
Sproul, R. C. Now, That’s a Good Question Theology
Bickel, Bruce&Stan JantzRogers, Adrian

Lutzer, Erwin W.

Voskamp, Ann

On Your Own.comOne Lord, One Love

One Minute After You Die

One Thousand Gifts


Christian Life

Christian Life

Crocker, David Operation Inasmuch Missions
MacDonald, Gordon Ordering Your Private World Christian Life
Tada, Joni Eareckson Ordinary People; Extraordinary Faith Inspiration
Chapman, Gary Other Side of Love, The Counseling
Wetmore, William Our Father, Who Art in Heaven Christian Life
Evans, Tony Our God Is Awesome Faith
Stanley, Charles Our Unmet Needs Inspiration
Bevere, Lisa Out of Control and Loving It Inspiration
Brown, Steve Overcoming Setbacks D & M Medit
Dobson, James Parenting Isn’t for Cowards Family
Maxwell, John Partners in Prayer Prayer
Graham, Gigi Tchividjian Passing It On:4 gen’s. of Graham Traditions Family
Elliot, Elisabeth Passion and Purity Christian Life
Laurie, GregPiper, John Passion of Christ, ThePassion of Jesus Christ, The HolidayHoliday EasterEaster
Thigpen, Paul Passion, The Meditations Easter
Lipson, Peter Passover Haggadah Holiday Passov
Mawyer, Martin Pathways to Success Christian Life
Lewis, C. S. Paved with Good Intentions Inspiration
Graham, Billy Peace With God Theology
Hutchcraft, Ronald Peaceful Living in a Stressful World Christian Life
Guideposts Perfect Peace/Song for Sarah Inspiration
Blackwell, Michael C. Place for Miracles, A- Bapt.Child.Homes NC Baptist/Chch
Johnson, Barbara Plant a Geranium in Your Cranium Inspiration
Sheard, Jim& Armstr Playing the Game:Inspiration for Life & Golf D & M golf
Zarrella, Dominick V. Poems in a Maze Inspiration
Swindoll, Charles Portrait of a Father Family
Buckingham, Jamie Power for Living Inspiration
Omartian, Stormie Power of a Praying Nation, The Prayer
Omartian, Stormie Power of a Praying Wife, The Prayer
Floyd, Ronnie Power of Prayer & Fasting, The Prayer
Spurgeon, CharlesOmartian, Stormie Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life,Power of Praying Together, The PrayerPrayer
DeVinck,Christopher Power of the Powerless, The Inspiration
Wilkinson, Bruce Prayer of Jabez, The Inspiration
Briscoe, Jill Prayer That Works Prayer
Crawford, Dan R & C. Miller Prayer Walking Prayer
Foster, Richard Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home Prayer
Small, P. Douglas Prayer:the Heartbeat of the Church Prayer
Guideposts Prayers for Every Need Prayer
Marshall, Peter Prayers of Peter Marshall, The Prayer
Brazelton, Katie Praying for Purpose Prayer
Moore, BethMoore, Beth Praying God’s WordPraying God’s Word Day by Day PrayerPrayer
Towns, Elmer L. Praying the 23rd Psalm Prayer
Kopp, David Praying the Bible for Your Life Prayer
Anderson, Leith Praying to the God You can Trust Prayer
Astle, Rick Priority of Kingdom Focused Prayer, The Prayer
Graham, Ruth Bell Prodigals and Those that Love Them Inspiration
Evans, Tony Promise, The Christian Life Holy Spirit
Brownlow, LeroyWatkins, James Psalm in My Heart, APsalms of Asaph, The D & MChristian Life Devo
Moore, T. M. compiler Psalms for Prayer, The Prayer
Warren, Rick Purpose Driven Church, The Church Life
Warren, RickWilhite, Jud Purpose Driven Life, ThePursued InspirationChristian Life
Swindoll, Charles Quest for Character, The Christian Life
Aker, John Quicken Your Pace Faith
Tatem, Mary Quilt of Life, The D & M Meditation
Platt, DavidManning, Brennan

Hughey, Billy&Janice

RadicalRagamuffin Gospel, The

Rainbow of Hope, A

Chr LifeChr. Life


Dobson, James Raising Children Family
Kurcinka, Mary S. Raising your Spirited Child Family
Keller, Timothy Reason for God, The Theology
Stanley, Charles Reason for My Hope, The Christian Life
Johnson, Phillip E. Reason in the Balance Theology
Morgan, Robert J. Red Sea Rules, The Chr. Life
Frizzell, Gregory Releasing the Revival Flood Christian Life
MacDonald, Gordon Restoring your Spiritual Passion Inspiration
Frizzell, Gregory Returning to Holiness Christian Life
Hawkins, O. S. Revive Us Again Missions
Blackwell, Dr. MichaelMcDowell, Josh Riches Beyond MeasureRight from Wrong Christian LifeFamily
Copeland, Germaine Road God Walks, The Prayer
Swindoll, Charles et al. Road to Armageddon, The Prophecy
Wetmore, WilliamThomas, Gary Sacraments of Christ, TheSacred Influence TheologyFamily Marriag
Curtis, Brant and John Eldridge Sacred Romance, The Inspiration
Swindoll, Charles Sanctity of Life Christian Life
Lewis, C. S. Screwtape Letters, The Theology
Gumbel, Nicky Searching Issues Theology
Hinders, Normajean Seasons of a Woman’s Life Inspiration
Robertson, Pat Secret Kingdom, The Inspiration
Graham, Billy Secret of Happiness Faith
Moody, D. L. Secret Power Inspiration
Bright, Bill Secret, The Missions
Price, Randall Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls History
Northington, Jan Separated and Waiting Counseling
Bryant, Billy Sermon a Day, A D & M Devo
Pirolo, Neal Serving as Senders Missions
Hatmaker, Jen Seven [7] Chr. Life
Tebow, TimReid, Alvin L

Camp, Kim

ShakenSharing Jesus w/o freaking out

She’s Twelve Going on Twenty

Christian LifeMissions


Jeremiah, David Signs of Life Christian LIfe Devo
Swindoll, Charles Simple Faith & S.G Faith
Lucado, Max Six Hours One Friday  (Easter meditations) D & M Medit
Kennedy, D. James Skeptics Answered Faith
Jeremiah, David Slaying the Giants in Your Life Christian Life
Swindoll, Charles So You Want to Be Like Christ Christian Life
Hinson, William H. Solid Living in a Shattered World Faith
Scheidt, Renee Coates Songs of the Night Death
Hughes, Les Sound of God’s Applause, The Christian Life
Stanley, Charles Source of My Strength, The Inspiration
Cymbala, Jim Spirit Rising Christian Life
Trent, John, et al. Spiritual Growth of Children Family
Sanders, J. Oswald Spiritual Leadership Baptist/Church
Hunt, Susan Spiritual Mothering Inspiration
Stedman, Ray C. Spiritual Warfare Christian Life Prayer
Johnson, Barbara Splashes of Joy/Geranium in Hat Inspiration
Rainey, Dennis Stepping Up: Call to Courageous Manhood Christian Life Men
Gray, Alice Stories for a Faithful Heart Inspiration
Various Stories of Hope for a Healthy Soul Inspiration
Graham, Billy Storm Warning Prophecy
Japikse, Carl Story of God, The Theology
Dobson, James Straight Talk Family
Cowman, Mrs. Charles E. Streams in the Desert D & M Meditation
McGinn, Linda Strength of a Woman Inspiration
Swindoll, Charles Strike the Original Match  . Family
Dobson, James Strong-Willed Child Family
Stanley, Charles Success God’s Way Inspiration
Grubb, Norman Summit Living D & M Devotions
Honor Books, pub. Sunset with God D & M Devotions
Clairmont, Patsy Tea with Patsy Clairmont Inspiration
Gilbert, LarryFreeman, John

Batty, David&Campbell E

Team MinistryTee-ology

Teen Challenge:50 Years of Miracles



Buechner, Frederick Telling the Truth Theology
Dobson, James Temper Your Child’s Tantrums Family
Farrell, BillYoung, Ed

Robertson, Pat

Ten (10) Best Decisions a Man Can Make, TheTen(10) Commandments of Marriage

Ten Offenses, The

Christian LifeFamily


Weber, Stu Tender Warrior: God’s Intention for a Man Family
Lucado, Max The 3:16 Promise  Exposition
Morgan, Robert J.Morgan, Robert J.

Vander Lugt, Herbert

Then sings My Soul  volume 1Then Sings My Soul  volume 2

There’s a New Day Coming



Gordon, JeaniePiper, John

Huffman, Marg.Anne

There’s Hope After DivorceThink

This Too Shall Pass

FamilyChristian Life


Kendall, R.T.Lucado, Max

Vetter, June A

Thorn in the Flesh, TheThree Sixteen [3:16]Numbers of hope.

Three hundred sixty-five 365 Quiet Moments

Christian LifeChristian Life

Christian Life

Mains, David Thy Kingship Come Christian Life
Law, Philip  comp. Time to Pray, A Prayer
Morgan, Henry   compiler Time to Reflect, A D & M Devo
Burnham, GraciaIdeals To Fly AgainTo God Be the Glory (tenBoom,B Graham) Christian LifeFaith
Marshall, Catherine To Live Again Christian Life
Moore, BethSwanson, Eric&Wms

Martin, Roberta Prkr

To Live Is Christ: Embracing the Passion of PaulTo Transform a City

To Walk with Jesus



Chantry, Walter J. Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? Exposition
Kendall, R. T. Total Forgiveness Christian Life
Bewes, Richard Top 100 Questions, The Theology
Stoltzfus, LouiseGeiger, Eric et al Traces of WisdomTransformational Discipleship WisdomChristian Life
Lucado, Max Traveling Light Christian Life
Ideals Treasury of Faith and Inspiration Inspiration
Havner, Vance Treasury of Vance Havner, A Christian Life
Marshall, Colin et alFaithwriters

Dorrell, Jimmy

Trellis and the Vine, TheTrials & Triumphs

Trolls & Truth

Christian LifeChristian Life


Stowell, Joseph M. Trouble with Jesus, The Faith
Elliot, ElisabethLutzer, Erwin W.

MacArthur, John

MacArthur, John

Wiese, Bill

Trusting God in a Twisted WorldTruth about Same-Sex Marriage, The

Twelve Ordinary Men

Twelve Extraordinary Women

23 Minutes in Hell

Christian LifeChristian Life

Chr. Life

Chr. Life

Christian Life

Evans, MikeCaine, Christine Unanswered Prayers of Jesus, TheUnashamed PrayerChristian Life Women
Kinnaman,David/G. Lyons Unchristian:What a New Generation…. Christian Life
Stearns, RichardTerKeurst, Lysa

TerKeurst, Lysa

Graham, Billy



Unto the Hills

Christian LifeChristian Life

Christian Life

D & M

Guideposts Very Present Help, A Inspiration
Anderson, Neil Victory Over the Darkness Counseling
Lotz, Anne Graham Vision of His Glory, The Inspiration
Eldredge, JohnGoldingay, John

Eldredge, John

Hamilton, Adam

Waking the DeadWalk On: life, loss, trust, and other realities

Walking with God

Way, The:Walking in Footsteps  Jesus

Christian LifeChr Life

Christian Life


Blackaby, Henry T. Ways of God, The Christian Life
Gaither, Gloria We have This Moment D & M Meditation
Tchividjian, Gigi GraLewis, C. S. Weather of the HeartWeight of Glory, The D & MTheology Meditation
Leman, Kevin What a Difference a Daddy Makes Family
Lewis, C. S. What Christians Believe Inspiration
Christenson, Evelyn What Happens When God Answers Prayer
Christenson, Evelyn What Happens When Women Pray Prayer
Kennedy, D. JamesJeremiah, Dr. David What If Jesus Had Never Been BornWhat in the World is Going On? Chr LifeProphecy
Keller, W. Phillip What is the Father Like? D & M Devotions
Strobel, Lee What Jesus Would Say Christian Life
Blackaby, Henry T. What the Spirit is Saying to the Churches Missions
Burkett, Larry Whatever Happened to the American Dream Stewardship
Lawson, Steven J When All Hell Breaks Loose   (Job) Christian Life
Lucado, Max When Christ Comes Prophecy
Russell, BobDobson, James

Story, Laura

When God Builds a ChurchWhen God Doesn’t Make Sense

When God Doesn’t Fix It


Christian Life

Barnes, M. Craig When God Interrupts Christian Life
Hayes, Mike When God Is First Inspiration
Corbett, Steve & Brian Fikkert When Helping Hurts Missions
Stanley, Charles When the Enemy Strikes Inspiration
Cloninger, Claire When the Glass Slipper Doesn’t Fit Marriage
Kniskern, Joseph WarrenJeremiah, David When the Vow BreaksWhen Your World Falls Apart FamilyChristian Life
Anderson, Joan W.Johnson, Barbara Where Angels WalkWhere Does a Mother Go to Resign? InspirationChristian Life
Yancey, Philip Where Is God When It Hurts? Inspiration
Glaspey, Terry  compiler Where The Grass Is Always Greener Inspiration golf
Various Whispers from Heaven D & M Meditation
Buechner, Frederick Whistling in the Dark D & M Meditation
Holmes, Marjorie Who Am I, God? Christian Life
Evans, TonyRainer, Thom Who Is This King of Glory?Who Moved My Pulpit? InspirationChurch Life
Hybels, Bill Who You Are When No One’s Looking Christian Life
Horm, Carl, ed. Whose Values? Christian Life
Zacharias, RaviLaurie, Greg Why Jesus?Why the Resurrection? TheologyHoliday Easter
Wiersbe, Warren W. Why Us? Christian Life
Jeremiah, David Why the Nativity? Holiday Christmas
Lotz, Anne GrahamClinton, Dr. Tim et al Why?Why You Do the Things You Do FaithCounseling
Eldredge, John Wild at Heart Christian Life
Crouch, Van Winning 101: Insight and Motivation Inspiration
Donovan, Lynn&Miller,DWagner, Charles U. Winning Him Without WordsWinning Words for Daily Living Chr. LifeD & M Medit
Dick, Dan and Nancy Wisdom From the Bible (Proverbs) D & M Devotions
Girzone, Joseph F. Wisdom of His Compassion, The D & M Meditation
Buechner, Frederick Wishful Thinking Theology
Yount, ChristineMurray, Andrew With All Their HeartWith Christ in the School of Prayer FamilyPrayer
George, Elizabeth Woman After God’s Own Heart Faith
Jakes, T. D. Woman, Thou Are Loosed! Counseling
Jakes, T. D. Woman, Thou Are Loosed! Devotional D & M Devotions
George, Elizabeth Woman’s Call to Prayer, A Prayer
George, Elizabeth Woman’s High Calling, A Christian Life
Stanley, Charles Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life, The Christian Life
Josephus Works of Josephus, The History
Hayford, JackLotz, Anne Graham Worship His MajestyWounded By God’s People (Hagar) WorshipChristian Life
Lutzer, Erwin WDayton Jr.,Howard L

Wiersbe, Warren W.

Your Eternal RewardYour Money: Frustration or Freedom

Your Next Miracle


Christian Life

Wetmore, William You Must Be Born Again Christian Life
Lucado, MaxDeMar, Gary You’ll Get Through ThisYou’ve Heard It Said Christian LifeExposition