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Abingdon Press (pub)Abingdon Press (pub)Abingdon Press (pub)

Abingdon Press (pub)

American Bible Society

Interpreter’s Bible Vol. 7  Matt-MarkInterpreter’s Bible Vol. 8 Luke-JohnInterpreter’s Bible Vol. 10   Cor-Gal-Eph

New Interpreter’s Bible (2003) RSV

New Testament in Greek and English

Bible Handbook Series The New Compact Topical Bible
Bright, John A History of Israel          c.   1959
Cruden, Alexander Cruden’s Complete Concordance
Dore, Gustave Scenes from the Bible
Eiselen,  editorElwell, Walter A. Abingdon Bible Comm c.1929Evang.Dictionary of Theology
Guideposts Today’s Parallel Bible
Halley, Henry Halley’s Bible Handbook
Henry, Matthew Commentary Genesis to Deuteronomy  Vol.I
Henry, Matthew Commentary Joshua to Esther     Vol. II
Henry, Matthew Commentary Job to Song of Solomon    Vol. III
Henry, Matthew Commentary Isaiah to Malachi   Vol. IV
Henry, Matthew Commentary Matthew to John   Vol V
Henry, Matthew Commentary Acts to Revelation   Vol. VI
McGee, J. Vernon Through the Bible   Gen-Deut    Vol. 1
McGee, J. Vernon Through the Bible     Joshua-Psalms   Vol. 2
McGee, J. Vernon Through the Bible    Proverbs-Malachi  Vol. 3
McGee, J. Vernon Through the Bible     Matthew-Romans  Vol. 4
McGee, J. Vernon Through the Bible  I   Cor.-Revelation    Vol. 5
Nelson Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Novak, Al Hebrew Honey
Reader’s Digest Reader’s Digest Atlas of the Bible
Robert, Henry M. Robert’s Rules of Order
Ryrie, Charles The Ryrie Study Bible
Scofield, C. I. Holy Bible: New Scofield Reference Edition
Spurgeon, Charles Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible
Strong, James(also New Strong’s Concordance) The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
Tenney, Merrill C., editor Pictorial Bible Dictionary        c.1966
Zondervan Publishing Handbook to the Bible
NIV Seasons of Reflection
Christian Life New Testament
Gideons New Testament & Psalms
Gideons Bible    4 copies
Gideons The Holy Bible
Peterson, Eugene H. New Testament
Reach Out New Testament
Reference Bible The Promise
Scofield New Testament
New King James Open Bible   2
There’s Hope for You
Good News Am. ??
Living Bible  2 copies
The Rock Bible
Bible Readings for the Home
Good News for Modern Man …………..** New Testament    2
Good News for Modern Man New Testament, Reference    DDEisenhower  Mem. Ed.
Here’s Hope: Jesus Cares for You New Testament
The Living Bible: One Way New Testament
NASB (Zondervan)Experiencing the Word NT, CSV

New Testament in Modern English

Narrated Bible, Chronological Order

Maxwell Leadership Bible NKJV

Holy Bible   KJV

Holy Bible   NIV

The Living Bible (paraphrase)       2

NASB Bible  Updated version

The Open Bible  NKJV

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