AuthorTitleSeries, other
FicFivAngler, EvanBatson, Wayne T.SwipeThe Door Withinvol.1
FicBatson, Wayne T.The Final StormDoor Within  vol.3
FicBatson, Wayne T.The Rise of the Wyrm LordDoor Within  vol.2
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 1: Oxygen Level ZeroMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 2: Alien PursuitMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 3: Time BombMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 4: HammerheadMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 5: Sole SurvivorMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 6: Moon RacerMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 7: CountdownMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 8: Robot WarMars Diaries
FicBrouwer, SigmundMission 9: Manchurian SectorMars Diaries
FicFicBrouwer, SigmundCarlson, MelodyMission 10: Last StandWho I Am by Caitlin O’ConnerMars DiariesDiary/Girl #3
FicCraven, Tracy L.Kathleen’s Unforgettable Winter
FicDavis, BryanThe Candlestone
FicFinley, MarthaMillie’s Grand AdventureLife of Faith # 6
FicFinley, MarthaViolet’s Defiant DaughterLife of Faith # 7
FICFicGrant, Callie Smith  ed.Gray, Alice  compilerThe Horse of My HeartStoriesforaTeen’s Heart stories
FicHamilton, KerstenThe Battle of Trickum CountyPeculiar People #3
FicHamilton, KerstenA Gathering of BrothersPeculiar People #4
FicHamilton, KerstenLaylie’s Daring QuestLife of Faith series
FicHutchens, PaulThe Swamp RobberSugar Creek # 1
FicHutchens, PaulThe Killer BearSugar Creek # 2
FicHutchens, PaulThe Winter RescueSugar Creek # 3
FicFicFicHutchens, PaulJenkins, JerryJenkins, JerryThe Lost CampersPursuedTakenSugar Creek # 4Yng Trib Force 2Yng Trib Force 1
FicJenkins, Jerry & LaHayeThe VanishingsLftBehind Kids #1
FicJenkins, Jerry & LaHayeSecond Chance  2 copiesLftBehind Kids #2
FicJenkins, Jerry & LaHayeThrough the FlamesLftBehind Kids #3
FicJenkins, Jerry & LaHayeFacing the FutureLftBehind Kids #4
FicJenkins, Jerry & LaHayeNicolae HighLftBehind Kids #5

Jenkins, Jerry & LaHayeLaw, JerelLaw, Jerel

Law, Jerel
Law, Jerel
The Underground   2 copiesFire ProphetShadow Chaser

Spirit Fighter
Truth Runner
LftBehind Kids #6Son of AngelsSon of Angels

Son of Angels #1
Son of Angels #4
Lewis, C. S.

Lewis, C. S.

Lewis, C.S.

The Chronicles of NarniaThe Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobePrince Caspianall 6 novelsNarnia # 2Narnia # 4



Lewis, C. S.Lewis, C. S.Lewis, C. S.

Lewis, C. S.

Lewis, C. S.

The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”The Silver ChairThe Horse and His Boy

The Magician’s Nephew

The Last Battle

Narnia # 5Narnia # 6Narnia # 3

Narnia # 1

Narnia # 7

FicFicOndov, Rebecca E.Peretti, FrankGreat Horse StoriesTrapped at the Bottom of the SeaCooper Kids #4
FicPeretti, FrankThe Secret of the Desert StoneCooper Kids #5
FicPeretti, FrankThe Deadly Curse of Toco-ReyCooper Kids #6
FicPeretti, FrankThe Legend of Annie MurphyCooper Kids #7




Peretti, Frank

Rue, Nancy
Rue, Nancy

Rue, Nancy

Rue, Nancy

Flying Blind

Meet Sophie (2 in 1)
So Not Okay

Sophie Steps Up (2 in 1)

Sophie and Friends (2 in 1)

Cooper Kids #8

Sophie #1

Sophie #2

Sophie #3

FicRue, NancySophie’s Irish ShowdownSophie series #4
FicYolen, JaneThe Devil’s Arithmetic
NFCampus LifeGod’s Words of Life for Teens
NFChapman, GaryThe Five Love Languages of Teenagers
NFColeman, William L.Getting Along with Brothers and Sisters
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesGetting Reel??? Real?
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesRage
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesAppearances
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesIdentitySeries from
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesLyricsFocus on the Family
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesLethal
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesToxic
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesAlternative
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesSexual Abuse
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesSoul Food
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesEating Disorders
NFDare to Dig Deeper SeriesWorkbook
NFGuleserian,Mary & Th. FureyUltimate Baby-Sitter’s Survival GuideFocus on the Family
Honor Books, pub.God Speaks: Stories for Teensfood for thought
Honor Books, pub.WWJD: Stories for Teenagersfood for thought
NF/BIONFJackson, Dave&NetaJohnson, GregHero Tales, Vol. IIIf I Could Ask God One Questionage 6-12for teens
NFJohnson, KevinCould Someone Wake Me Up…Early teen devotions
NFJohnson, KevinWas That a Balloon or Did Your Head…Early teen devotions
NFPeterson, LorraineIf God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My …Devotions – Youth
NFNFPrimicerio,Shannon KubiakRusso, SteveThe Divine DanceFear No Evilgirls & yng women
NFSorensen, DavidIt’s a Mystery to Me LordDevotions – Youth
NFWilkinson, BruceA Life God Rewards for Teens
NFWilkinson, BrucePrayer of Jabez for Teens




Williams, ThomasYorkey, Mike

Various subjects; by Howat, Irene

Hudson Taylor; by Mackenzie, Catherine

Various subjects; by Howat, Irene

Knowing Aslan: Enc. With Lion of NarniaTeen Chat

Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

An Adventure Begins

Ten Boys Who Made A Difference