Worship  is more than the music...

When you prepare for worship, let me encourage you to keep a big perspective on Jesus. Often, it is easy to focus on just a single of aspect of who He is.  He is Redeemer this week.  Next week He is Savior.  The following He is Holy.  But in truth, He is all those and more, every day, all the time.  In every moment.  Ponder in your heart this week, Jesus is God!  He is Holy, Worthy, and Redeemer every moment.  Let's worship Him together!

Worship Services

8:30am Modern

At 8:30 we will be utilizing a modern approach with newer worship songs, a band-driven sound, and led by a vocal praise team.

11:00am Classic

At 11:00 our Classic Service will be musically driven by hymns, piano accompanied, and choir led.


Interested in joining the choir? Practice on Wednesdays @ 6:00pm. For more information follow the button below.